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Location of Chrisi Akti

Potamia is one of the most known villages of the island. Build on the foothills of the tallest mountain of Thassos, it offers spectacular verdurous scenery with intense vegetation. The lovers of hitchhiking will find in this village an ideal path, literally stuffed in green, leading up to the mountain and to the conquest of its tallest peak, Ypsario. Most of the village houses are out of stone with wooden roofs, and two churches, towering over the village, mostly that of Sts. Anargyron that given it's wonderful location on the mountain foothills, offers a unique tranquility and majesty with sounds of running creeks and singing birds. In the winter, due to the high altitude the scenery changes from all green to all white from the intense snowfall that covers the surrounding mountaintops and many times, the settlement itself.
One of the most important sights of the village is the museum of the famous sculptor Polygnotou Vagi, founded in his honor in his home village.

Two to three kilometers from Potamia is Skala Potamia, which is the seashore portion of the village and one of the most attractive places in Thassos. Surrounded by beautiful beaches and clear waters, it is a place of attraction for tourists every summer. The cove of Skala Potamia, also known as Chrisi Akti (Golden Beach) is among the most beautiful in the island, due to its unique combination of sea and vegetation (in many spots the pine trees reach all the way up to the beach). 

In front of the village's small dock, rises the imposing building of Tarsanas, build in the 19th century by monks of Agio Oros. The location is ideal for summer night walks around the dock and the village square. During summer, of lot of festives take plece there, such as art exhibitions etc.